DIEM-inspired conference a success…!

Lots of positive feedback and a highly proactive ‘community-of-interest’ were among the major outcomes of an interdisciplinary expert meeting in The Netherlands on November 22nd, 2018.

Co-organized by DIEM with one of our Dutch partners, SVDC (www.svdc.nl), the title was: “(New perspectives in crisis management…) What can we learn from experiences abroad?”.

In view of the all-around enthusiasm, we’re intent on taking this meeting a step further: towards the end of 2019 and in close cooperation with a range of partner-organizations, DIEM will invest in a 2-day, trans-disciplinary event that will link national and local concerns with practical “lessons learned” from international experience. When we add an interactive ‘outreach’ program (to connect with and involve local communities!) the event might even last 4 days, from Thursday thru Sunday.

In case you would like to pre-register your interest to attend and/or become involved in organising such an unusual, forward-looking event, just drop us a line!

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