Expert Network

DIEM is not for everyone. We’re interested in individuals and organisations who are interested in dealing future-oriented, complex issues, can think our-of-the-box, have a willingness to explore new avenues and focus on creating cross-connections.  They’re not afraid, are proactive and have an international orientation – and have (had) practical experience. Finally, they need to have a sense of humour as well…  Participation is only possible by invitation and by referral.  When they fit the profile above, they can, initially for one year, take part as Partner, Expert, Young Professional or as SubscriberWithin the network we engage in a lively and proactive dialogue, exchanging news and information as well as provide access to out-of-network contacts, the so-called Online Knowledge Exchange (OKE) program. We also organize Solution-Finding Sessions in close collaboration with participants in the DIEM Network and respond to external requests in the form of On-Demand Research (ODR) projects.

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