Exploring Resilience in Africa…

From Risk to Resilience – Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaThe 11th Brunel Lecture in Africa: another location, another culture, another type of infrastructure. But again a rewarding meeting of the minds with lots of engagement and enthusiasm on how to link engineering, emergency management and local communities/cities around the theme of resilience. What are the Roadblocks and how to overcome them? Stay tuned! Or even better, join and meet me at one of the next locations in (South) Africa: Johannesburg (29/3), Durban (31/3) or Cape Town (3+4/4)

From Risk to Resilience…: How do we get there?
Tuesday March 3rd, 2020
Project “Vision 20/20”
Wednesday February 26th, 2020
DIEM-inspired conference a success…!
Wednesday December 19th, 2018