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Daily Impact Emergency Management or DIEM, consists of two interlinked parts, an Expert Network and a Primary Research group.  Even though in its current form it might be considered a start-up social enterprise based in the Netherlands, it has a global reach and builds on decades of international research and practical experience of its predecessor organisations, stakeholders and partners.

As a combination between the expert network and the primary research group, DIEM functions as a think tank, training/education group and activist network providing information and access to out-of-network contacts to industry, government, academia, the media, local communities and other interest groups.

In general, DIEM supports initiatives and activities that seek to:

  1. change the traditional pattern of ‘reactiveness’ to one that is more ‘pro-active’;
  2. addressing the two main problems of ‘Fragmentation’ and ‘Lack of Impact’.

As a Network, DIEM sources and selects cross-thinking individuals and organisations for inclusion as Partner, Expert, Young Professional or Subscriber for which it operates an On-line Knowledge Exchange (OKE) service.

As Primary Research group, it offers an On-Demand Research (ODR) service and conducts Solution-finding Sessions that use DIEM’s Focused Feedback Methodology. These are Lectures, Seminars, Masterclasses, Workshops or Symposia that take place in close collaboration with ‘members’ in the DIEM Network.


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