Primary Research Group

Primary research is different because it doesn’t focus on what is ‘statistically significant’ but on what is ‘functionally relevant’.  DIEM offers, aside from its On-Demand Research projects, a variety of Solution-Finding Sessions that use DIEM’s Focused Feedback Methodology. This methodology creates a sense of co-ownership, not only for the gap-analysis but particularly for the search for solutions. DIEM offers Lectures, Seminars, Masterclasses, Workshops and (online) Symposia that are organised in close collaboration with our Partners, Experts and others in the DIEM Expert Network.  Jointly we determine the issue(s) to be tackled, target audience, location, funding, and desired impact. DIEM also honours external requests to provide these kind of Sessions, such as recently the 11th Brunel International Lectureship of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) on the topic of ‘Resilience’.

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